Stories of good cooperation

Building a farm is a story of our cooperation with the investor, subcontractors, the local community  and administration.

We launched solar plants in the Ostrołęcki and Makowski poviats of northern Mazovia during winter and spring 2018/2019. Despite cold weather and the wetland meadow area we have completed the investment very efficiently, thanks to the professionalism of all teams building 15 facilities in 9 locations at the same time.

The key to success are people – experienced teams in piling, assembly of structures, panels, cable works, connection of transformer stations. During peak time nearly 150 people worked at our construction sites We support domestic infrastructure by using local hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets and even hairdressers. On the construction sites you could hear various languages: Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Russian, English and German. We have established many relationships using local resources, sharing knowledge, arousing interest in solar energy, all the time showing respect for local communities.

Elektrownia fotowoltaiczna, powiat makowski
Elektrownia fotowoltaiczna, powiat ostrołęcki