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SOLARTECH is a supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of solar farms.

Our activity has been focusing on renewable sources, in particular in solutions in the photovoltaic systems, for over 15 years.  In our cooperation proposal, we take into account the latest technical solutions, using the extensive,several years’s experience in designing and constructing of solar, roof and ground installations. We offer our clients comprehensive investment services, i.e. the design of the optimal solution, which would be  the most beneficial for energy production and for return on equity. We launch the solar plant and obtain all necessary permits. To ensure its optimal operation, we offer operation and maintenance service as well as teletechnical and video monitoring.

The company’s structure is based on the employees of the related Maybatt company, which lead numerous photovoltaic and battery projects for several years. The company had a pilot cell dealing with issues of renewable energy sources, cooperating with scientific institutions and the largest energy suppliers in Poland.

The owner of the company, Bartłomiej Zysiński, a co-founder and a member of the board of the Polish Photovoltaic Society as well as a co-founder of the Polish Chamber of Energy Storage, participant in numerous public appearances, multiple panelist of industry conferences belongs to a small group of specialists and the most recognizable people in the renewable sources industry.

In 2015, along with the growing interest in “green energy” projects in Poland, an independent entity dedicated to investment service was separated from Maybatt. The company appointed specialists experienced in the construction, design and management of various types of solar plants and roof installations. Together with the company’s management they form an efficient team of professionals.